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Holiday Money

I started this blog to document the purchase of unconventional profitable assets that are not the norm. Sometimes that journey can be just a short trip. This time every year, I research trends and try to determine which toy will be the “must have” gift. Through the years, I have been very successful with selections including Furbys, Zhu Zhu pets and Hatchimals. This year, I believe WowWee’s Fingerlings will be the toy that has parents paying a premium on eBay. Fingerlings are small electronic interactive monkeys that wrap around a child’s finger. They come in several different colors and versions. After an extensive search including the Internet, phone calls and locating the only store in the area that had a few in stock, I just purchased two from Toys r Us. I paid $14.99 each and verified that the eBay price is now at least double due to the low supply. I wouldn’t be surprised to see to see the price in the $50-plus range by Christmas. My goal is to locate and purchase at least 25 of these items to be sold on eBay. If you are lucky enough to find any Fingerlings at a store, keep your receipt just in case the manufacturer floods the market during the holiday season and the demand does not materialize. Or you can simply gift them to a young friend or family member.

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A Fun Investment

When I first wrote about investing in a small percent of a racehorse, I explained that this was a fun investment that could reap some dividends in the future.  Yesterday was definitely fun. Watching Work of Art being loaded into the starting gate, exiting in the 2nd to last position out of 11 horses, and then racing to the finish with a shot of winning was thrilling. He finished a very respectable 3rd place, earning $6,000 of the purse and showed that he has enormous potential. This should be a FUN ride.

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A winner to be determined? And other updates…

In August, I posted that I purchased a small stake in a thoroughbred race horse named Work of Art (WOA). The plan was to race at Saratoga, NY  in September, but the horse was not ready at that time. Well, tomorrow is the day for his debut at Belmont in NY and a chance to see if WOA has what it takes. His workout times were very good and he showed ability. WOA will be running in the 6th race on the turf for a $60,000 purse with jockey Eric Cancel at the  reigns. The winning horse typically keeps 60% of the purse and the remaining amount is distributed down to 6th place. From the winnings, there are numerous expenses, including the jockey’s and trainer’s share.   A win at this level to start would be very positive and would position the horse to run for higher purses in the future.  My cash outlay so far is $1,582 for my 2% share, plus $360 to cover estimated expenses through December. I will provide an update of the results tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am not able to travel to Belmont for this race so I will be watching WOA on the television.

Some quick other investment notes:

A. Fundrise just deposited a  3rd quarterly dividend  of $60 into my account  based on the $3,000 in their real estate investment trust.

B. The iPO investment of $4,000 seems to be status quo based on the updates given by the company as they continue to build shareholder value.

C. Gold prices have rebounded to $1,306 an ounce so that investment is nearing break-even.

D. After the significant gains from the St Pete condo, I am spending time researching geographic areas for my next purchase. I was very fortunate to have sold prior to Hurricane Irma hitting that area. Weather-related problems are part of the equation when investing in tropical destinations, but I believe the potential gains are worth the risks if the numbers make sense.

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A Winning Opportunity?

The best part of a very successful investment is the new opportunities that can be available with the extra cash flow. Since this blog serves the purpose to entertain as well as document the process of investing in unconventional assets, it is time to have a little fun.  A small stake in a horse racing partnership is my next venture.  I do not advocate this as an money making investment but as a means to generate a little excitement that can possibly provide some extra dollars with a little luck.  The priceless thrill of having your picture in the winner’s circle with your horse is the real payoff and a share of the winning amount is the bonus.

There are numerous horse racing partnerships that are always searching for new investors. Each one has its own process on the handling of expenses and proceeds so research is necessary. Some require that you purchase a specific percentage of named horse and then pay that percent of the monthly expenses (boarding, training, food, etc).  Winnings are also distributed based on the same percentage. Please read the stable’s operating agreement to be aware of your commitment.

I decided to start with a small stake in a horse partnership operated by Dare to Dream Stable, LLC, Dare to Dream is managed by two bothers, Allen and Michael Faber. They provide management on numerous horses and have campaigned many successful runners over several states.  Each horse partnership is structured as their own LLC with a specific objective for that venture. Investors share in the expenses and proceeds according to their purchase percentage.  They will maintain a 3 month reserve for expenses which can average $4,000 a month.  A horse named Work of Art cost me $1,582 for a 2% ownership and included expenses through August.  Work of Art is a 2 year old chestnut gelding training in Saratoga, New York that may be ready for his first race in the near future.  I plan on documenting this journey and diversifying into a couple of other partnerships whose costs will vary based on the caliber and percent owned of each horse. Thanks for reading.  Jeff


The purpose of this blog is to show how unconventional investments can add value to your portfolio.  The condo went to settlement a week ago and closed the chapter on this investment. Final sales price was $171,000 on a small beach condo purchased for $83,000 six years ago.  That was a 106% gross return on investment and an 88% return net of commissions and transaction selling costs. By all standards, this was a great success.  The condo paid for itself for all 6 years through rental fees and never required any additional operating cash from my personal funds.  A couple of observations from the past several weeks:

A.  When selling an out of state property, a hands on real estate sales person makes a huge difference. Sheila Geer with the St Pete office of Coldwell Banker  was fantastic in handling all aspects of the transaction, including meeting repair contractors and even the small tasks such as having keys made.  That level of assistance and expertise is very much appreciated.

B. The appraisal can throw a monkey wrench into the best of deals. In our case, it come in lower than our contract price but the buyer did not have a contingency in the contract for that circumstance. Even though they wanted a new price, the original was not changed.  My opinion is that the appraised price had not caught up to the fast sky rocketing prices the area was beginning to experience and the buyers were still getting a good deal.

C. Be aware of the tax consequences that a sale can incur and plan accordingly so surprises in April do not take you off guard. The right tax planning can make the difference so contact your tax professional for options.

As this investment gets placed in the plus column, it is time to look for a new replacement so let the fun begin…

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Condo sale update

It was definitely the right time to list the beach condo for sale. Within 3 days, we had 3 offers to purchase the unit. With a list price of $179,900, the 3 offers were as follows:

1.       A full price offer with a contingency stating that their condo must be sold first

2.       A cash offer of $165,000

3.       A offer of $171,000 with a 24 hour deadline to accept and settlement in June

The 3rd offer was accepted after the party with the cash offer refused to go any higher. The contingency offer was not considered due to the uncertainty of their sale. After our contract was signed, we learned that the two others were considering a change to their offers in the event that our transaction does not make it to settlement; so it is great to have these as potential backups. There is no guarantee the transaction will be completed as it requires numerous steps to be attained. These include a property inspection, real estate appraisal and financing approval.

 An inspection has been done and requests by the buyer for additional settlement credits were countered with an offer to purchase a home warranty insurance policy on their behalf with a term of 1 year. This was accepted and is a common concession in these circumstances. A year policy can be purchased for around $500. Step 1 is now completed. Next step is to ensure that the unit is valued at the sales price by a real estate appraiser so that the bank will approve their financing. I will keep you posted on our progress.

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The Purpose of Unconventional Investments

The ultimate purpose of Unconventional Investments is to make money. With that as the guiding principal, investments must regularly be evaluated and a plan of action identified. The condo in Florida located on St Pete beach has seen a significant amount of appreciation since being purchased 6 years ago for $83,000. I contacted  Florida real estate agent, Sheila Geers a week and a half ago to get a comparative price evaluation to determine if selling should be an option. Based on the  findings from the comps, we have listed the small  condo  listed for $179,900.  Even though I personally love the place , the right business decision is to sell to take advantage of the popular demand for these beach units.  More to follow.

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Updates and Plans

I haven’t posted for a while so it is time to review last years investments and identify some new opportunities for 2017.

The St Pete Beach Condo did very well in 2016. We generated $14,000 in gross revenue but even better is the appreciation of the units that have been sold in the resort development during the year. I will get a competitive market analysis on our unit to identify the unrealized gain.

Gold has slightly rebounded from $1193 in my 12/4 post to $1222 an ounce so I am still bullish on the American Eagle Gold coins.

The Fundrise Real Estate Investment Trust  (eREIT) continues to pay small quarterly dividends and I expect a payment for the 1st quarter of 2017.

This leads me to plans for 2017. I intend to search for truly unconventional investments that are profitable, interesting and even fun.

The investment  made in the Fundrise eREIT has created an opportunity for their member investors to buy into an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for the stock of Rise Companies Corp. Per their Securities and Exchange Commission  filing, Rise Companies  Corp. is the “online investment technology company, that owns and operates a leading web-based, direct investment and origination platform, located at www.fundrise.com (the “Fundrise Platform” and  “generate revenues from, among other activities, the sponsorship of investment opportunities that are offered to investors through the Fundrise Platform.” Whereas, my $3,000 investment in the eREIT is not traded on the stock market, the investment in Rise will be listed on the stock exchange. I have committed an additional $4,000 to the IPO so my total investment in the Fundrise endeavors will be $7,000. I have committed to this investment to generate potential income from the different avenues of each real estate transaction. I will post additional details in the coming months.

I have also committed some funds to an investment that will surely be more fun to blog about but will also be risky in it’s nature. The plan is to purchase  a share in a horse racing stable partnership in Maryland. We expect to buy a racehorse soon and I look forward to documenting the process of getting to the winner’s circle. Money is made from winning purses and/or selling the horse at a higher price than purchased. I have done several of these partnerships over the past years for the excitement and, overall, seem to break despite the risk.  This is one purchase that I never go into expecting to profit but there is always the chance, so I will include it on the blog due to the unconventional opportunity aspect.

There are a couple of other investments in the works with more information to follow. Thanks again for reading.


Update – Cyber Monday Opportunity

I just wanted to add a quick update.  On my  08/22/16 blog post titled “A Golden Opportunity”, I purchased an American Eagle gold coin for $1425 when gold was  priced $1345 an ounce at a brick and mortar store. I also mentioned the web dealer APMEX sometimes offers decent sales. With the price of gold trading a little down at $1193 per ounce, their Cyber Monday sale presented an opportunity to purchase another American Eagle gold coin and dollar cost average.  With a premium cost of $62 and no shipping fees, this was one of their better deals.

Thanks for reading. Jeff


Updates on Investments

I just wanted to provide an update on the current investments:

From Blog 1 – The St Pete Beach Condo rental is doing very well. We have weathered the east coast storms and on October 1st, a 6 month tenant rented the unit. This is very unusual for us. Besides very short term rentals, the longest  we typically rent is the 3 month in-season period from January to March. Again, I can’t say enough good things about utilizing an on-site management team that can look out for your interests. Ours found the tenant and are always available to insure their comfort. In return, we make every effort to prepare the unit to be in excellent condition for the tenant. Another suggestion for longer leases is to authorize a more thorough deep cleaning versus a regular one that is done before each guest rental.  This sets the stage for a good first impression. A  renter that appreciates the extra efforts makes life much easier.

From Blog 2 – I still am bullish on gold coins as an investment. Gold is currently selling  for $1277 per ounce. It is a little less than the $1345 from my previous purchase so I will be looking to add to my position before year end. Apmex should have some decent holiday sales or I will check with the dealer from my last transaction.

From Blog 3 – The Fundrise eREIT  ( Real Estate Investment Trust) purchased in September authorized an 8% dividend for the last quarter to the investors. This is a very good percent return. My amount was prorated since I only owned the eREIT for a small part of the quarter.  For the current quarter, I should see more money assuming a comparable distribution and ownership for the entire period.

Since this blog is devoted to unconventional investments, I would like to share an investment idea that is in the works. For years I have tried to research and locate the HOT toy of the holiday season, I have utilized Ebay to sell Furbys and Zhu Zhu Pets in prior years with very good profits. I think that a toy egg with an electronic stuffed animal called Hatchimals will be this year’s “have to own”.  I should have purchased some when I first did my research but had no idea that supplies would be extremely limited even before Thanksgiving.  Right now, all stores are out of inventory. I expect to be able to locate a few in the next couple weeks. They are selling on Ebay for $90+ with a retail value between $44-59 so there is some room for profit. Depending on supplies, Ebay prices could be in the $150+ range. I will provide an update if stores start to receive inventory.

Thanks for reading.  Jeff



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