I started this blog to document the purchase of unconventional profitable assets that are not the norm. Sometimes that journey can be just a short trip. This time every year, I research trends and try to determine which toy will be the “must have” gift. Through the years, I have been very successful with selections including Furbys, Zhu Zhu pets and Hatchimals. This year, I believe WowWee’s Fingerlings will be the toy that has parents paying a premium on eBay. Fingerlings are small electronic interactive monkeys that wrap around a child’s finger. They come in several different colors and versions. After an extensive search including the Internet, phone calls and locating the only store in the area that had a few in stock, I just purchased two from Toys r Us. I paid $14.99 each and verified that the eBay price is now at least double due to the low supply. I wouldn’t be surprised to see to see the price in the $50-plus range by Christmas. My goal is to locate and purchase at least 25 of these items to be sold on eBay. If you are lucky enough to find any Fingerlings at a store, keep your receipt just in case the manufacturer floods the market during the holiday season and the demand does not materialize. Or you can simply gift them to a young friend or family member.

Thanks for reading.