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Updates and Plans

I haven’t posted for a while so it is time to review last years investments and identify some new opportunities for 2017.

The St Pete Beach Condo did very well in 2016. We generated $14,000 in gross revenue but even better is the appreciation of the units that have been sold in the resort development during the year. I will get a competitive market analysis on our unit to identify the unrealized gain.

Gold has slightly rebounded from $1193 in my 12/4 post to $1222 an ounce so I am still bullish on the American Eagle Gold coins.

The Fundrise Real Estate Investment Trust  (eREIT) continues to pay small quarterly dividends and I expect a payment for the 1st quarter of 2017.

This leads me to plans for 2017. I intend to search for truly unconventional investments that are profitable, interesting and even fun.

The investment  made in the Fundrise eREIT has created an opportunity for their member investors to buy into an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for the stock of Rise Companies Corp. Per their Securities and Exchange Commission  filing, Rise Companies  Corp. is the “online investment technology company, that owns and operates a leading web-based, direct investment and origination platform, located at www.fundrise.com (the “Fundrise Platform” and  “generate revenues from, among other activities, the sponsorship of investment opportunities that are offered to investors through the Fundrise Platform.” Whereas, my $3,000 investment in the eREIT is not traded on the stock market, the investment in Rise will be listed on the stock exchange. I have committed an additional $4,000 to the IPO so my total investment in the Fundrise endeavors will be $7,000. I have committed to this investment to generate potential income from the different avenues of each real estate transaction. I will post additional details in the coming months.

I have also committed some funds to an investment that will surely be more fun to blog about but will also be risky in it’s nature. The plan is to purchase  a share in a horse racing stable partnership in Maryland. We expect to buy a racehorse soon and I look forward to documenting the process of getting to the winner’s circle. Money is made from winning purses and/or selling the horse at a higher price than purchased. I have done several of these partnerships over the past years for the excitement and, overall, seem to break despite the risk.  This is one purchase that I never go into expecting to profit but there is always the chance, so I will include it on the blog due to the unconventional opportunity aspect.

There are a couple of other investments in the works with more information to follow. Thanks again for reading.



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